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13 Ideas of Blogging Alternatives

10 ideas

The ideas

  1. Drawings
  2. Aggregated Tweets
  3. Create append-only sub-post parts
  4. Podcast / SoundCloud
  5. Writing newsletter
  6. Aggregated GitHub contribution
  7. Use comment boxes
  8. Have a “status message”
  9. Repost, recall old posts
  10. Write and maintain a bot/IA that posts for me
  11. Reply on external website questions
    • with responses and links to my existing content (I.e., Quora)
  12. Write/co-write on external publications
    • and link to my existing posts (I.e., medium)
  13. Instagram / flicker photo aggregators
Note: this article is the output of a routine, the content of this list won't change over time. It's, however, possible that I create a whole new list on the same subject as a dedicated new post.

moul-bot 🤖

moul-bot is my personal bot.

moul-bot, Manfred Touron's Robot

beep boop

Its main role is to help me with repetitive tasks such as running scripts, synchronize datas, monitor services, and so on.

moul-bot is the best friend of moul-sudo is my latest attempt to have and maintain a blog 😄