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How to audit startup

Pre-audit checklist

  • Hire a freelance to perform general screening (company, staff, external image, etc…)
  • Send set of questions to the founders

Audit checklist

  • Speak with founders to get a macro overview of the project and of the strategy
  • Zoom in interesting details
  • Ask some common questions (see below)
  • Ask founders what kind of advices they would love to have

Common set of questions

  • What will break first with growth?
  • Did you suffer outages? How did that happen?
  • What happen if you have a security breach exploited by a hacker?
  • What happen if one of your employee steal and
  • What are you biggest fears about what could go wrong?
  • Who are your current biggest competitors?
  • Who could become your biggest competitors?
  • What competitive advantage could you take to take advance and discourage any new competitor to enter in the game?
  • You find the genius lamp, what are your 3 wishes?
  • What are your biggest regrets?
  • What are you most proud of?
  • How do you monitor your services?
  • What services/third-parties are you depending on?
  • What is your plan for the next 6 months, 6 years?
  • How developers develop on the product? Do you anonymize dev data? How dev is different from production?
  • What is the typical lifecycle of a feature/an idea?
  • What is the typical lifecycle of a new development?
  • What is the typical lifecycle of a bug fix?

Common topics to review

  • Culture
  • Competitive advantages
  • Most “dangerous” competitors
  • Existing team’s position (will the current helt positions be still appropriate when the organization with scale up?)
  • Team scalability
  • Management
  • Recruitment
  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Monitoring / Alerting
  • Technical Debt / Development comfort
  • Vision
  • Infrastructure scalability
  • Global strategy: aggressiveness, defensive, etc
  • Market size / niche
  • Roadmap quality & realisticness
  • Exit strategy
  • Money raising goal
  • Existing processes and workflows
  • Documentation
  • Technical image/“Sexyness”
  • Feature Development Lifecycle
  • Collaboration between tech/non-tech
  • Management
  • Dev tools / Developer Experience

Post-audit checklist

  • Send report to VCs
  • Debrief if needed
  • Plan to recontact the company to keep updated of the changes


Bag content

  • IT stuff
    • Laptop + charger + USB-C adapter
    • 4G wifi router
    • Yubikey
    • Ledger
    • Mobile battery
    • Charging USB hub
    • Noise-cancelling headset (bonus: jack cable)
    • USB-key / external disk drive
    • Encrypted backup of SSH key
    • Plenty of USB/lightning/USB-c cables
    • Earpods
    • Travel phone (light phone with few personal information)
    • Zenscreen (USB-C Travel screen)
    • Tile / GPS Tracker
    • Fitbit/Watch + charger(s)
  • Reading/Writing stuff
    • Reading books
    • Kindle with battery and content
    • Notebook + pens
  • Kids & chilling stuff
    • iPod/iPad with offline movies/tv series
    • Kid Headset
    • HDMI-lightning adapter
  • Health stuff
    • Teeth brush
    • Hair brush
    • Vitamins
    • Headaches medication
    • Sleeping mask
    • Custom earplugs
    • Travel straw
    • Travel fork/knife/etc
    • Travel mug (foldable)
    • Jet-lag pills
    • Anti-“tique”
    • Anti-Mosquito
    • “Bas de contention” for airplane
    • Cleaning gel for hands
  • Social stuff
    • Sunglasses
    • Glasses
    • Koudou / Scarp
    • Max 6 set of tshirt+socks+underpants (folded with the super technique)
    • 1 or 2 pair of pants/shorts
    • Glasses cleaning sheet
    • Hair spring
  • Legal stuff
    • Passport/ID card/Driver license
    • Transport tickets (plane/train/bus/taxi)
  • Other stuff
    • Foldable bag
    • Lockpad
    • Tea bags/Coffee powder

This list depends on the context.

Actions to do before

  • Backup IT devices
  • Update cache
  • Update cache
  • Put important document in offline mode in Google Drive
  • Update main repos git for offline access
  • Fetch Google Maps/Google Trips cache for the target location
  • Take photos of passport and other important documents
  • Setup home alarm
  • Cancel deliveries/cleaning services during the travel, if any
  • Plan my trip on NomadList

Any suggestion?