§The ideas

  1. To not have to manage, choose my clothing.
    • Having only one choice, or having an app/smart-something that selects it for me.
    • Being sure to have my umbrella when needed, etc.
  2. To not have to manage, choose when and what to eat.*
  3. To always have my calendar schedule and today’s todolist visible on a screen.
    • so I can get a quick view before going to bed, when waking up, in the bathroom, etc.
  4. To have assistants or virtual assistants.
  5. To only use me feet (walking), to have drivers, or to take the buses when traveling in cities.
    • a.k.a. avoid taking undergrounds and profit from the sunlight.
    • a.k.a. I dream of having my offices at <30 minutes by feet from my home.
  6. To live in a nice place where I don’t have regrets to let my family alone when going to work.
  7. To start the day with my children and to start my working day after I took them to school.
    • ❤️
  8. To not have to do the home-cleaning chores myself.
  9. To go in a foreign country with my family ~ every month.
    • especially when my children are young
  10. To have only 1 CB and 1 bank account.
    • a meta one that aggregates everything would be OK
  11. To have nice, cool, and friendly colleagues.
  12. To play music on at least once a week.
    • if possible with a band.
    • if possible, that are totally not in my regular life circles.
    • if possible, that don’t know what is a computer.
  13. To take a nap every afternoon.
    • currently considering to do polyphasic sleep again
  14. To have a very small todolist.
  15. To have contributors on my active open-source projects, so I always have “colleagues” in both my professional and side projects.
  16. To always be inbox-0.
Note: this article is the output of a routine, the content of this list won't change over time. It's, however, possible that I create a whole new list on the same subject as a dedicated new post.