Manfred Touron

You can find most of code projects on GitHub and my resume on LinkedIn.

75 pages about "Projects"

Advanced CSRF (ACSRF)

Have fun and profit / Time-based Blind SQL Injection through CSRF attacks.


💩 Junk food ✊🐸🌛📣📫💡🔅📹📲🎿🎯👙🍆💈♒️

a.k.a., where I put everything that does not fit elsewhere.

Epitech 🎓

French computer-science institution.

Above & Beyond 🎶

One of the world’s leading electronic music acts.

Anjunabeats 🎶

Above & Beyond’s recording label, based in UK.

Corentin invited me to manage all the digital stuff of the label and its artists for years.


French Telecommunications company.

Onouo 🚀

My first company.

Mostly working on web projects and security audits.

scaleway-cli (scw)

Command-line interface to manage your Scaleway resources.

Tahigo 🎶

Rock & Ska-Punk music band.