Manfred Touron

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🎵 Web radio solution using Liquidsoap and Icecast

`ssh2docker` 💻

ssh2docker is an ssh server that proxifies directly into docker containers.

It as also the possibility to create new container, and is fully configurable.

See also my other similar project: sshportal.


🔧 terminal client for GoTTY


🔧 Anonymize UUIDs outputs (written in Golang)

Advanced CSRF (ACSRF)

Have fun and profit / Time-based Blind SQL Injection through CSRF attacks.

42 🎓

Tuition-free coding school in Paris & Silicon Valley


💩 Junk food ✊🐸🌛📣📫💡🔅📹📲🎿🎯👙🍆💈♒️

a.k.a., where I put everything that does not fit elsewhere.


💻 make your ssh client smarter

Formerly Advanced SSH Config.

Above & Beyond 🎶

One of the world’s leading electronic music acts.