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    +++       |
    ++         |
    +  -==   ==|
   (   <*>   <*>
    |           |
    |         __|
    |      +++
     \      =+
      \      +                             Hello World!
      |  ++++      ||//
  ____|   |____   _||/__
 /     ---     \  \|  |||
/  _ _  _     / \   \ /
| / / //_//_//  |   | |


😄 quicssh is a QUIC proxy that allows to use QUIC to connect to an SSH server without needing to patch the client or the server.

moul-bot 🤖

moul-bot is my personal bot.

moul-bot, Manfred Touron's Robot

beep boop

Its main role is to help me with repetitive tasks such as running scripts, synchronize datas, monitor services, and so on.

moul-bot is the best friend of moul-sudo is my latest attempt to have and maintain a blog 😄


👓 Issue dependency visualizer, a.k.a. “auto-roadmap”.


moul-sudo 👻

moul-sudo is my personal sudo mode; this account allows me to use @moul as an unprivileged user.

moul-sudo, Manfred Touron's sudo mode

beep boop

I created moul-sudo after reading this article:

Thanks to this dedicated user, it’s now less a problem for me to use my personal GitHub account on a daily basis.

moul-sudo is the best friend of moul-bot


🎩 simple, fun and transparent SSH (and telnet) bastion


(cool) pattern finder (previously number-score)


📂 generic protocol generator based on golang’s text/template (grpc/protobuf).


convert number into words (english, french, italian, roman, spanish…)

Une chanson par jour

“A song a day.”

A challenge with friends to create and post a new song every single day.

A song is made of music and lyrics; it should be recorded and posted to be considered as valid.

We made it for about two months, resulting in 200+ songs for between 3 and five players every day.

To conclude this project, we made a compilation and a radio live.