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The idea

Using the QUIC protocol as the entry point of SSH.

Improve performances, reliability, especially for cellular data.

Bring potentially new muxing and tunneling capabilities.

Problems to address

  • SSH connection manager is statefull, using QUIC instead of TCP may result in having zombie connections (which may automatically reconnect with 0RTT feature of QUIC); it’s also possible to just configure a timeout
  • The current SSH protocol seems to much linked with its connection manager and networking handler; it seems that putting a proxy in front of SSH may not works out of the box; alternative implementations may be:
    • Similar approach than MOSH, which uses native SSH to establish a connection, then start a dedicated daemon that will listen over UDP and continue the SSH connection; this method works but it’s not SSH anymore, and thus, you can’t integrate MOSH with softwares that uses the base SSH; you cannot done some advanced features a for the port forwarding
    • Patch SSH itself to support QUIC natively
    • Write à completely new daemon
    • Write a small proxy daemon that will open a local SSH connection and forward everything to the real daemon

Collaborative photo comics

the idea

Use a collaborative tool to create stories made of pictures and short texts

The tool can be Google Drive, Airtable or a custom tool


  • licensing management
  • different access levels per person and per story
    • append only: blind story making
    • append and view: the typical access level
    • edit: add the ability to change the order of the pictures
  • multi-language
  • develop a tool that generates an epub, pdf version of the book

Interviews Book

The idea

A book made of interviews of my friends


  1. find the questions
  2. interview people
  3. prepare the book: 1 question, 1 chapter
  4. share


Open this experiment to anyone

TOTP based file-sharing

A webserver allowing to share files with dynamic URLs.

The files are associated with a TOTP token allowing people that knows this token to guess the URL.

The advantage here is that the URL is only working for a small amount of time.

As soon as your connection is secure against man-in-the-middle attacks, you can consider that it’s a protection against an history replaying.

Git Blockchain

The idea

A blockchain that works over Git.

Git already supports:

  • cryptography signatures (git commit -S)
  • multi approver signatures (git commit --signoff)

It’s technically possible to port the consensus workflow using basic git commands.

By adding a CI/CD bot/script, it becomes possible to have an equivalent of smart-contracts that only allows people to open pull-requests while having a robot to make the merges.

Finally, we can find about having a proof-of-stakes approach based on git contributions or something more centralized as a .forgers.txt file that defines allowed forgers.


Find other parts of what makes a blockchain:

  • how-to define/allow/deny a node to be a forger in a distributed way
  • create a small utility that makes the git commands automatically
  • automatically generates with the CI/CD a static blockchain explorer


No idea yet.

It can be used as a pedagogical support to learn how the blockchain works.