Manfred Touron


A curated list of SSH resources.

In the continuity of the awesome lists, I decided to release my own one about SSH, fortunately for me this subject was not yet created.

This first version contains

  • the tools I’m using everyday as a devops.
  • but also my piece of code: assh and ssh2docker.
  • the projects I love.
  • and the one I read the code.

Feel free to share the list and contribute !

🎂 1-year GitHub streak 🎂

Today is my 1st GitHub streak anniversary.

I made at least one contribution on GitHub every single day for the last 365 days.

Pathwar: unix levels

First version of the unix levels on Pathwar.

Until today, Pathwar was only about web-based level; But now, it’s also possible to have non-web levels thanks to ssh2docker.

Source code:


Let’s code some beautiful millipedes :)

We started the getmillipede organization which aims to conquer the world with millipedes!

Wild examples