Manfred Touron

10 Years on GitHub

10 years since I joined GitHub.

What a wonderful journey.

SSH Billoard

I remember when I discovered the SSID Billboard / SSID Advertising hack:

It joins a more generic trend I love: the equivalent of side-channel attacks or just, hacking default usages for alternative purposes.

PS: Just to be clear, no, I don’t have the private key that goes with the ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIL++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ public key :)

PS 2:: Yes, I do have the private keys for public keys ending with 42, and yes, I generated a lot of keys before having them (approx 2 millions) :p


I recenlty asked multiple riends to fullfill a survey that will become a book, see my Interviews Book idea.

One of the question is: “What word would you like to add to the dictionary, what would the definition be?”.

Tomtom, a good (and smart) friend naturally replied (in French):

Cripoudant - adjectif désignant quelque chose oscillant en dents de scie, mais avec des plateaux aux amplitudes min ou max réparties aléatoirement

Which can be google-translated as:

Cripouding - adjective designating something oscillating sawtooth, but with trays with amplitudes min or max distributed randomly

I made a small PoC on Codepen of what Cripoudant should look like:

Loading Codepen...


Edit 2019/06/13

My understanding of cripoudant was not good enough, but luckily, Thomas (the author of the definition), and mxs made better versions in JavaScript and OpenGL!

Here are the result of their work: